Our Paving Ranges


This is a popular choice if you want to create simple, yet distinctive patterns with paving in your driveway or in the garden. The rectangular shape of Lewis makes it highly versatile. Design possibilities include herringbone and stretcher.


The Maura blocks surface makes it ideal for children’s activities such as skateboards, scooters, rollerblades and push toys. It’s close fitting joints and small bevelled edges helps minimise maintenance and creates a neat and spacious appearance.


Clocha has been tumbled to give an antique appearance, similar to weathered stone. It is a perfect choice for a modern residence or for adding a touch of character to a period residence.


Linne comes with a classic rectangular block profile and purpose designed nibs to enhance permeability.
This contemporary, clean style will complement most environments and has been designed for use in either hand or machine lay applications.


Our range of complementary kerbs provides an attractive and integrated border.

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